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CHULO presents its cultural tees and tanks promoting ethnic pride. Each one celebrates all aspects of the Afrindohispanic diaspora, aka our African, Native and Hispanic/Latino background.


This particular tee is called the "Native Spiritual Dancer," although many people call it "el monito," Spanish for little monkey. It is an original and copyrighted word cloud art piece in the shape of an Arawak/Taino spiritual dancer. Yes, we are okay if you call it the monkey shirt.


This original art piece lists the major Native American, African and Pacific Islander tribes and nations that make up the Afrindohispanic diaspora in the Americas. It includes the names of many of the original native nations of North, Central, South America and the Caribbean including those who were exterminated. It includes ten of the African peoples and tribes who were forcibly removed and sent to the Americas. And, it also includes the three Pacific Islander peoples who were subjugated as well. 


Taino, Yoruba, Charrua, Quechua, Maya, Dine, Mapuche, Samoan and Garifuna are just a few of the dozens of peoples listed here in this amazing copyrighted art piece.


All of our tees are soft, ring spun cotton. Most are 65 percent cotton and 35 percent polyester. Crew Neck. Two colors available: Indigio Blue or Olive Green. Sizes S, M, L, XL. Regular fit. Small fits chest 31 to 34; Medium fits 35 to 37; Large fits 38 to 41; Extra Large fits 42 to 45. For a more snug fit, choose a size smaller than you normally wear.


Wear these shirts with pride. Wear these shirts and pay homage to your ancestors. Be you. Be a CHULO.


UPDATE: Wix has changed the order in which it lists shipping costs. They are now listed from lowest to highest by default. This is causing us problems. Please make sure to mark the correct shipping cost in order to get your products processed quickly and properly. Shipping costs vary based on the number and kind of items selected. Please scroll throught the rates to find the one that fits your order. Thank you for your support. 

CHULO Native Spiritual Dancer Tee

SKU: 13245769
  • CHULO is a charitable clothing line that showcases cultural pride while supporting educational, social, recreational and artistic programs for marginalized communities via direct donations to established charities, CBOs and/or scholarship programs. Because proceeds go to charity, all sales are final. No refunds. Damaged goods replaced if due to our negligence. All items are shipped via USPS first-class mail or priority mail to the US and Canada and globally. For more info, check our FAQ page.


    Your purchase is a "gift" to the communities with which we work. Wear each product with pride. It is our "thank-you" for your amazing support.

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