Our latest athletic sport trunk comes in 95 percent polyester/5 percent Spandex. It is a white-based, stretch comfort fabric with a colorfast print of the Puerto Rican flag on it: the shining star rocks the pouch while the five stripes wrap around the body. The CHULO waistband is black with the CHULO logo printed in white. Black stitching highlights the grunge look throughout, and a matching black bottom crotch piece helps set off the art of the flag. Sizes S, M, L. Relaxed fit. Small fits 28 to 32; Medium fits 33 to 37; Large fits 38 to 42. Individually packaged.


NOTE: Our online store has only a few remaining in stock, but you can purchase them directly from our partner CBO, BAAD, the Bronx Academy of Arts and Dance. Reach out to them at Joseph@baadbronx.org or contact us directly at www.chulounderwear.nyc.

CHULO Puerto Rican Grunge Flag Sport Trunk

  • CHULO is a charitable clothing line that showcases cultural pride while supporting educational, social, recreational and artistic programs for marginalized communities via direct donations to established charities, CBOs and/or scholarship programs. Because proceeds go to charity, all sales are final. No refunds. Damaged goods replaced if due to our negligence. All items are shipped via USPS first-class mail or priority mail to the US and Canada and globally. For more info, check our FAQ page.


    Your purchase is a "gift" to the communities with which we work. Wear each product with pride. It is our "thank-you" for your amazing support.