The CHULO Underwear 2020 Poster Calendar for Charity features the work of seven amazing photographers who joined forces to raise money for charity.


This uniquely beautiful calendar is different than all the rest. Each month is its own 11" by 17" poster showcasing some of the hottest men from around the world. 


Prcceeds from all remaining sales will be donated to the American Indian College Fund.


With photos from Luis Rafael, Malvin Hobbs, Norys Vision, Ricardo Muniz, Gustavo MDZ, Milo800 and Markus Brehm.


The CHULO Underwear 2020 Poster Calendar for Charity makes an amazing gift for yourself, your friends, your colleagues, and your family. 


Remember to click the special $4 fee for S & H for single calendars or the $6 fee for 2 to 3 calendars. If you would like to purchase more calendars or you would like one shipped abroad, please write us via the CONTACT page for special arrangements.


Thanks for your love and support! 


Note: Remember to open the calendar to the middle and fully spread it to reveal the first month, January, as an 11 by 17 poster. After each month ends, you'll remove the whole poster to reveal the next one below.


UPDATE: Wix has changed the order in which they list shipping costs. They are now listed from lowest to highest by default. This is causing us problems. Please make sure to mark the correct shipping cost in order to get your products processed quickly and properly. The $2 fee is ONLY for the 2021 calendar. Shipping costs vary based on the number and kind of items selected. Please scroll throught the rates to find the one that fits your order. Thank you for your support. 

CHULO Underwear 2020 Poster Calendar for Charity

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$5.00Sale Price
  • CHULO is a charitable clothing line that showcases cultural pride while supporting educational, social, recreational and artistic programs for marginalized communities via direct donations to established charities, CBOs and/or scholarship programs. Because proceeds go to charity, all sales are final. No refunds. Damaged goods replaced if due to our negligence. All items are shipped via USPS first-class mail or priority mail to the US and Canada and globally. For more info, check our FAQ page.


    Your purchase is a "gift" to the communities with which we work. Wear or display each product with pride. It is our "thank-you" for your amazing support.

  • The 2019-20 CHULO Underwear Fundraising Calendar is printed on 8.5 by 11 full-color cardstock. There are a total of 14 pages that are bound in black along the top. Each sheet is flipped over to reveal the next month. After six months, the calendar itself can be flipped over, and the next six months will be ready to be revealed with each successive flip. Once December 2018 is reached, the completed calendar will then reveal an additional page, the back cover, that includes the one-page 2020 calendar as a bonus. All calendars are printed in New York City.