The CHULO brand presents its brand new Puerto Rican RESISTANCE tanks promoting the self-determination of the Puerto Rican people in our struggle against the austerity programs imposed on island residents, a demand to drop the over 70 billion dollar debt as a result of disaster capitalism, and a #justrecovery and #justtransition in Puerto Rico that supports sustainability in energy and local farming.


Each black and white tank includes the RESISTANCE flag with three graphic symbols: 1. our extremely popular Singing Coqui (copyrighted original art) which celebrates all aspects of the Afrindohispanic diaspora; 2. two black stripes containing machetes symbolizing the island's long history of struggle and its roots as a former sugar cane plantation; and 3. a middle black stripe with a fist to indicate the ongoing fight to RESIST.


Proceeds from the sales of these tanks will be donated to frontline, grassroots organizations in Puerto Rico (led by local Puerto Ricans residents) that promote sustainable farming and a return to sustainable energy such as solar power and wind turbines.


All of these tanks are lovingly decorated by a local Puerto Rican print shop in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, so that CHULO fans can wear them with pride knowing that their purchase is supporting Puerto Rican communities on the island and the mainland.


Tanks can be from a varitey of labels and vendors and will be either 100 percent cotton or a cotton blend. Sizes S, M, L, XL. and 2X. Regular fit. Small fits chest 31 to 34; Medium fits 35 to 37; Large fits 38 to 41; Extra Large fits 42 to 45. 2X fits 46 to 48. For a tighter fit, please choose a size smaller than you normally wear.

new CHULO Puerto Rican RESISTANCE tank

  • CHULO is a charitable clothing line that showcases cultural pride while supporting educational, social, recreational and artistic programs for marginalized communities via direct donations to established charities, CBOs and/or scholarship programs. Because proceeds go to charity, all sales are final. No refunds. Damaged goods replaced if due to our negligence. All items are shipped via USPS first-class mail or priority mail to the US and Canada and globally. For more info, check our FAQ page.


    Your purchase is a "gift" to the communities with which we work. Wear each product with pride. It is our "thank-you" for your amazing support.