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Look good, and do good.


CHULO owns no manufacturing companies. We contract with several manufacturers for our underwear and we purchase our other items (shirts and athletic gear) at closeouts or through wholesale. We also repurpose. This means that there may be variations in color, fabric, stitching or artwork--especially with any handmade designs.

Our original underwear (Puerto Rican flag on seat, red with white piping, black with white piping, and white with black piping including our hand-painted underwear) all fit snugly. For those wanting a looser fight, we recommend going up a size if choosing these four designs.

All of our underwear since then and all other underwear designs were specifically tailored for the Western market--US and Latin America--and all of these underwear have more breathing room. All of our tees, tanks, hoodies and specialty items are also true-to-size based on US norms. However, our latest hoodie, the Puerto Rican "BORICUA" Hoodie runs large. We recommend going a size smaller if you are between sizes.


CHULO is a new breed of urban wear that showcases cultural pride while supporting educational and cultural programs for our people via direct donations to established charities. Because proceeds go to charity, all sales are final. There are NO refunds. We do not offer exchanges. Damaged goods will be replaced if due to our negligence.


CHULO currently accepts PayPal and credit/debit cards via PayPal when purchasing online. We prefer cash transactions during live events, but we can also accept payments through PayPal and Venmo. Our partner agencies can do cash or credit. Only purchases online can be shipped. 

Orders are accepted 24/7/365. However, please remember that CHULO is staffed by volunteers. This means orders are processed and shipped on different days and at different times on a week-to-week basis. Orders should be received within three to ten business days of purchase. Also, CHULO donates proceeds to a youth environmental justice organization; hence, we are trying really hard to reduce waste. Please understand that our packaging is minimal and some may be repurposed. Your items will arrive in the simplest packaging we can do at the time.

The CHULO brand works very hard to work with other local artists and businesses (mom and pop stores) when possible. This small act maximizes the effect of your money/donation/support because it means we are focused on the community all along the lines of assembly. Sometimes, though, dealing with smaller companies can lead to delays beyond our control. We ask that you be patient if it happens to your order, and we will do our best to make it up to you.

Update: Because of COVID-19, the USPS is currently operating 3 to 21 days behind schedule depending on the city or country in which you reside. Please bear with us.

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