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Comments from our patrons and supporters:

"I love your commitment to social justice causes, and supporting them financially with our purchases. Right on!"

--Cleveland, OH.

Thank you so much for the love and support. We are a small brand staffed by three to eight local community activists, artists, and teachers depending on the month. We all volunteer our time and efforts, so we can raise and donate the most money possible. 

"I couldn't wait to try on your new offering. The fit is great. The pouch gives nice support. I'm sold! (Now if I could just try on some of your models.)"

--Sparta, WI

We can't wait to get your #CHULOselfies!

"I absolutely love the products, my favorite are the airflow boxers, hands down. They fit perfectly and are perfect for thick legs. I ordered some more just days after trying the first pair on. I love the shirt we got with the coqui, Keep up the good work, I will most definitely order again."

--Allentown, PA.

We absolutely love your support! Thank you so much! Feel free to share selfies.

"I received my order today, thanks. They're even better than I thought!!!"

--London, UK

We are so sorry about the delay. Thank you for your patience and support. Please feel free to send selfies, and we'll share them on social media and/or on our website if you like.

"I love the quality of the camo underwear. I’m not a fan of the red cotton, Bc it’s very tight on the legs. But the spandex material is ideal for my body size. I will definitely buy more from this site."

--The Bronx

Our original designs run tight because they were cut based on the bodies and needs of amateur and professional boxers. However, all of our subsequent designs have a fit more tailored to communities of color as you can see by our camo designs. Thanks for your feedback.

"More plus-sized options, please."

--New York City.

Yes. We do need to expand into plus sizes and extra small sizes. MOQs are tough for a small brand like ours, but we do hope to expand our size selection soon. Thank you for supporting us.

"Products are great and unique! I love them."

--Miami, FL.

Awww. Thank you. We love you, too.

"Adding a front opening/pouch would make everything so much, so far 9/10. 10/10 if open pouch is added :p."

--Providence, RI.

So far, only our first design, the CHULO Sport Boxer Briefs in red or black, has the fly front. We have a few fly-front options premiering at our next NY Fashion Week Charity Show. Let's see how they do on the runway.  If these designs generate a lot of interest and buzz, we just might produce some new fly-front designs. Thank you for being a loyal fan.

"Already referred three people to CHULO!!! Wepa!!!"

--New York City.

So cool. Thank you. Can't wait to get those selfies, so we can post them all over our social media and the CHULO website.

"The models are soooooo hot!"

--Miami, FL.

You should be a CHULO model, too. Think about it. We love featuring our fans because CHULOs come in all shapes and sizes and ages and colors and backgrounds. We'd love to post your selfies all over our social media and the CHULO website.


"The pride underwear faded significantly after one wash."

--London, England

Yes. That was our first-ever pride design, the CHULO LGBTQ Pride Flag Sport Trunk. CHULO doesn't own a manufacturing plant. Instead, we contract with different manufacturers to produce different underwear designs in small batches. That year, the manufacturer made two batches for us. The first batch was great, but the second batch was not. We are so sorry this happened to you, but we are thrilled you are still a customer despite this mishap. We no longer sell that design, and we no longer work with that manufacturer. Thank you for your long-term support.

"I love how unique the products are and the great customer service you guys have. I love how you guys have customized my products for me in the past and hope you continue to have that option available! Thanks! ☺️"

--Houston, TX.

Thank you for being a customer and supporter for so many years. Unfortunately, we have discontinued the customized, hand-painted option. The costs were prohibitive and quality control was an issue, but it was so great being able to hire and pay young local artists to do custom work. Maybe one day soon, we can bring it back.

"I love chulo product. Very comfortable to use."

--Newark, NJ

Thank you so much for your patronage and support.

"I love the product and my last ordering experience. I bought the red/black pair on the holiday special. I’ve had this Chulo style before and wanted another couple of pair. I had difficulties getting the Black Friday special to work (probably my lack of tech savvy) and finally just placed the order through the website, foregoing the discount. The person at Chulo who had tried to help me with the discount noticed my order, contacted me, and worked out how I could get a good deal by ordering the second pair. It wasn’t quite as good as the original special, but darn close. Not many businesses would do such a thing. It was much appreciated. I will definitely be back."

--Sparta, WI

You've been an amazing supporter of the brand. Thank you so much!

If you have any complaint about any quality issue, please contact us, and we will do our best to address your concerns. While our main goal is to create a fun way to reinvest in marginalized neighborhoods and at-risk youth, we also want to gain supporters as the brand grows because we do great work and provide a quality product. Our customers are all doing small acts of heroism with each purchase. We want to make sure we treat you right, too.

Thank you for shopping with us!

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