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The 2022 CHULO Charity Calendar features the amazing work of nine generous photographers who joined forces with CHULO to help us raise money for college scholarships for marginalized young people of color.


This year's unique calendar features some stunning men representing cultures from around the world including the US, Brazil, the Canary Islands, Colombia, Cuba, Ecuador, Greece, Italy, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Trinidad and Venezuela.


With photos from the legendary Luis Rafael, MDZ Management, Jason Gibson, Brian Rutherford, Ricardo Muniz, Bowtie Bryant, Deon Whitter, Alejandro Barragan and Puerto Ricon icon, Caridad "La Bruja" De La Luz.


The 2022 CHULO Charity Calendar makes an amazing gift for yourself, your friends, your colleagues, and your family.  While supplies last, we can ship you two, yes 2, CHULO Calendars for the price of one (with S&H). Just order 1 for $15, and we will include a free one in your order. This way you can share the joy with your friend and help share the joy for the charity.


Thanks for your love and support! 

2022 CHULO Charity Calendar

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