The CHULO brand presents its cultural tees and tanks promoting ethnic pride. Each one celebrates all aspects of the Afrindohispanic diaspora.


This particular tee is called the "Singing Coqui". It is an original and copyrighted word cloud art piece in the shape of the ancient Taino coqui--a frog that symbolizes the richness of Puerto Rican culture.


The words in this beautiful tee come from local Afrindohispanic people of all ages representing a variety of Hispanic and Latin cultures. Most of the bilingual words here had negative connotations for generations, but now, after hundreds of years, we have come to embrace them and to celebrate our rich and varied cultural heritage.


"Chicana," "boricua," "negrita," "quisqueyano," "colored," "caramelo," "zambo," and "mestizo" are just a few of the many words this coqui sings with pride.


All of our tees are soft, ring spun cotton. We have three colors: 1. colorado viejo aka Indian red; 2. chocolate (brown); and 3. true black. The red and brown come in crew neck.  The black is a v-neck. Sizes S, M, L, XL. Regular fit. Small fits chest 31 to 34; Medium fits 35 to 37; Large fits 38 to 41; Extra Large fits 42 to 45.

CHULO Singing Coqui Cultural Tee

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